Calcutta (City of Joy) Coffee Mug

In love with Calcutta? Sip your morning coffee from this piece of awesomeness and smell the DNA of the City of Joy.

Papercup Happy Suggestion: Perfect as a souvenir for a friend/relative/lover leaving or visiting Calcutta.

Package content: 1 Mug
Outer dimension:9.5 x 8 cm
Capacity: 300ml


High quality super white ceramic
High quality digital printing
Premium quality gloss finish


Dishwasher & Microwave Safe
Non Toxic
Environment Friendly
Reusable And Odorless
Thermocol Safe Packaging

100% of 100
In stock

Imagine this, you're sitting in your little apartment that you share with a room mate, say even two, in suburbs of Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore or some such place. An entire week of hard work has drained you of all your energy and drive, and you whip out your Calcutta Coffee mug and make a soothing cup of warm beverage. A little bit of Calcutta, right in your kitchen. A part of Calcutta, you can carry with you where ever you go. And you are instantly rejuvenated, with the double dose of warm tea and a surge of nostalgia. You look at the little mug and you see all those miniature replications of the elements that make this city more than just your childhood home. The football fanaticism, Tagore's genius, the loud public buses and their legendary conductors shouting out destinations, the crowded streets, the laid back attitude - because in Calcutta no one is really in a hurry to get anywhere. Shopping at New Market, Shahid Minar that stands tall and proud, the intellectuals of Rabindra Sadan, the nostalgic movie outings at Nandan, the bright yellow taxis that refuse to go anywhere, the vibrant culture and warmth of the city. At Papercup, we understand. We understand that you long to take the next train to Howrah and watch the mighty bridge as it lights up at night and take a boat ride on the Hoogly river that runs beneath, that you long to have luchi and aloor dom and maachh bhaja and sondesh, that you long to push and prod your way into the pandals during Durga Puja amidst the throng of thousands who have the same thing on their minds, that you want to relive your childhood romance under the shady trees at Maidan. We understand that this is your home and that this is where you'll always belong. Your body may be elsewhere, but your heart beats to the rhythm of Calcutta.

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